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"The initial spark for sewing started with my grandmother, who worked as seamstress for many years. To my surprise, her skill set came from her father, a Master Tailor in Jamaica."

In 2014, my attention was caught by some African wax cotton prints and I decided to make some of my own neckties out of it. I received such a good response from it that I decided to try my hand at it again, and noticed the request and comments on my new hobby grew.

In the summer of 2015, suit accessories were being hand stitched and sold. In 2016, I decided to receive some formal training by taking some basic sewing and pattern reading classes in D.C. Since then, the majority of what I've learned is self-taught by reading books and following tutorials online, making what I see my own.

Most of the clothing that I make is of a formal nature, traditional American or European styles, but I love to merge them together. When I'm not using African print I often lean towards cloths that are full of color, favoring prints especially of a  floral or paisley pattern. More than anything else, color really appeals to the eyes and emotions as my clothes give my customers a chance to stand out and make a statement.

Michael Antonio Taylor "The Tailor"

Being the driving force of creativity and craftsmanship for TaylorAntonio, Michael  brings vibrant creations to life with calculated handmade patterns, colorful fabrics, and a specific eye for fashion and the perfect fit for any occasion. 


Brooke J Taylor
"The Helper"

As a focused research specialist,  Brooke ensures the supplies being used for your perfect fit maintain the "handmade quality" standard, while simultaneously managing TA's social media presence and product presentation. 

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